Enteral Feeding Bag for Pump use

Feeding Bag for pump is used to transfer fluids with low viscosity, such as water, from an enteral reservoir to an enteral feeding catheter and the whole procedure is administered by feeding pump.

This device is sterile and for single use only,so the following precautions shall be observed during use

(1) Don’t use when visual damage on its packaging is defected.

(2) Only for single use, and should be discarded after use.

(3) Use before expiration date.

When the individual packaging is opened, it shall be used immediately.



  • Drip Chamber
  • Precision Roller Clamp
  • ENFit® Connector with vented Cap
  • Blister Pack, Sterile
  • Pump Use


Item No. Volume Tube Size/mm Medication Port
E0503A 500mL 4.2
E0573A 500mL 5.3  
E0553A 500mL 5.6
E0501A 500mL 4.2  
E0571A 500mL 5.3  
E0551A 500mL 5.6  
E1003A 1000mL 4.2
E1073A 1000mL 5.3
E1053A 1000mL 5.6
E1001A 1000mL 4.2  
E1071A 1000mL 5.3  
E1051A 1000mL 5.6  
E1203A 1200mL 4.2
E1273A 1200mL 5.3
E1253A 1200mL 5.6
E1201A 1200mL 4.2  
E1271A 1200mL 5.3  
E1251A 1200mL 5.6  
E1503A 1500mL 4.2
E1573A 1500mL 5.3
E1553A 1500mL 5.6
E1501A 1500mL 4.2  
E1571A 1500mL 5.3  
E1551A 1500mL 5.6  

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