Feeding Tube

This feeding tube is designed for the delivery of fluids, nutrition and medications for patients who require intermittent or continuous tube feedings through the nasogastric or nasoenteral route. This feeding tube can only use for adult.



  • The Enteral Feeding Tube is made of Medical grade Polyurethane material
  • Radiopaque stripes
  • Male ENFit® Connector satifies ISO80369-3
  • Every 2 centimeter numerical printed on tube
  • Lateral openings
  • Medication port optional
Item No. Tube Size Length / cm Medication Port
N08151 8Fr 38  
N08221 8Fr 56  
N08361 8Fr 91  
N08431 8Fr 109  
N0815A 8Fr 38
N0822A 8Fr 56
N0836A 8Fr 91
N0843A 8Fr 109
N10361 10Fr 91  
N10431 10Fr 109  
N1036A 10Fr 91
N1043A 10Fr 109
N12361 12Fr 90  
N12431 12Fr 109  
N1236A 12Fr 90
N1243A 12Fr 109

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